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Hi, I’m Anita Shumaker, the Owner and Principal Designer at AKS Design, LLC–thanks for visiting. We are a boutique studio focused on both hospitality and residential design projects in Tampa Bay, Florida.

I see myself as more than just a designer: Being a designer is about becoming a storyteller, bringing out each client's story through the dimensions of interior design. I'm happiest when I'm knee-deep in the creative process, crafting spaces that are functional art for my clients–rooms that flow with the story they’re living and enrich their way of life.

My creative pursuits began early in life. As a young girl in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania you would typically find me with a pencil in my hand, a paintbrush on a canvas, or dancing my heart out on my high school’s dance team. I continued my artistic pursuits as I moved into my college studies.

Crafting Spaces that Tell Stories

Today, as the owner of AKS Design, LLC my role is wonderfully varied and challenging. I balance the creative direction with the technical aspects of design, ensuring each project is both beautiful and practical. Specializing in both hospitality and residential projects, my passion is bringing to life designs that reflect my clients' unique stories and styles. For me, the creative process is where the magic happens. It's about blending functionality with artistic vision, creating spaces that aren't just efficient but also visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

When I’m not hands-on with my clients, you can find me in my home office designing, creating, and fine-tuning the intricate details of a space–such as textures, tones, and furniture pieces for a specific mood or vibe–the extra touches that bring a space movement and life! Whether it’s a restaurant or someone’s residence, I find great joy in the creative process leading up to an installation.

Embracing Life Outside the Interior Design Studio

As a dedicated and driven businesswoman, wife, and mother, it’s important to me to have fun outside of “work,” too. Living here in the vibrant community of Tampa Bay makes that easy. When I'm not designing, you'll find me with a paintbrush or in a yoga pose. I cherish my family time, especially our mountain getaways.

Someday, I dream of exploring the rich cultures of Italy, Scotland, and Ireland, broadening my journey in art and dance, as each art form profoundly shapes how I approach design. Infusing each space with rhythm and energy, much like a dance performance, is the essence of my approach. At AKS Design, LLC, we create designs that not only captivate the eye but also dance to the unique rhythm of each client's story.


We are a full service firm that offers design and building solutions that can make your dream home or hospitality space a reality.


You will not be disappointed with the services of AKS Design, LLC. Anita took my nonsensical design ideas and turned my rooms into amazing spaces that I love to admire. She truly listened to my likes, dislikes, and budget to create a beautiful design board and shopping list to help me complete several of my rooms. I highly recommend AKS Design for your interior design needs.